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National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

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Visit the WSFC Calendar under Events.

The Washington Federation of Chapters webpage is currently being reorganized.

Minutes of WSFC Board meetings are now in the Library/Archive under Minutes from 2007-2010. The 2011-2014 will be populated later this year.

Officer directory is under WSFC Executive Board. Current minutes are in the subheading Secretary/Minutes.Forms will fall under the Library/Forms subheading, as will Library/Presentations, Library/Past Conventions, and TBD information.

Chapter information is still to be looked at. This is a multi-week project, so the site remains open for use.

If you have questions about where to find something, email me: wallersl@yahoo.com and I will do my best to assist you. Thank you for your patience during this restructuring.

Why Join NARFE?

When you join NARFE, you will be protecting your hard-earned pay and benefits, ensure you can get trusted guidance on complext pay and benefit questions, and support your colleagues in the federal community. 

Welcome to the Washington State Federation of Chapters (WSFC) web site. WSFC is part of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Association. This site serves as an avenue to distribute information and status of legislation affecting earned federal retirement and healthcare benefits. NARFE is dedicated to protecting the earned retirement benefits of current and former federal employees, their families and survivors.

Our Mission ...

The Washington State Federation of Chapters is a nonprofit organization which provides leadership in advocating the interest of current and former federal employees at federal and state levels, provides support and assistance to NARFE chapters throughout the state, and coordinates with strategic partners in accomplishing its work. The Federation is led by a board of directors composed of elected officers and appointed members.

Further questions on the roles and functions of the Washington State Federation of Chapters are answered in the PowerPoint presentation below:

Download WSFC Presentation