- What are the organization mission and objectives, long and short term?

- What is the organization potential, in terms of volunteers, interest and funding?

- What are the demographics? What federal facilities are in or near the area? What and where is the retiree population? How many current members do we have and where are they located? What is their age?


- Who do we want to reach with the overall PR plan or specific event?

- 1. Chapter members

- 2. Spouses of members

- 3. Non-member federal retirees

- 4. Current Federal employees

- 5. Members of local community

- 6. Members of other agencies and organizations in the community

- 7. Local members of other coalition organizations

- 8. Other

- What media are likely to reach the intended audience(s)

- Chapter newsletter (1, 2)

- Daily Newspapers, Specific sections (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

- Weekly newspapers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

- Senior newspapers or publications (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7)

- Local radio stations, depending on format (1-7)

- Local public access television stations (Programs and bulletin boards)

- Bulletin Boards for NARFE posters and flyers (4)

- Federal agency publications (newsletters, newspapers) (4, 3, 1)

- Community web sites, often hosted by newspapers, radio and TV stations (1-7)

- Special publications listing non-for-profits (6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 5)

- NARFE Magazine (1,2)

- Phone directories (listing of service agencies or not-for-profits, if this can be done without cost) (6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 5)

- Federal agency bulletin boards, distribution racks (4)

- Pre-Retirement Seminars, NARFE Booth (4)

- Health Fairs, NARFE Booth (4, 1, 2, 3)

- Other

- How do we locate these media?


- Regular meeting times and locations
- Meeting announcements (Including speaker info)

- Special Events conducted by chapter

- Support of Pre-Retirement Seminars and Health Fairs

- Participation in public events

- Service capabilities

- NARFE support of member and non-member retirees

- Information on benefit issues (such as GPO/WEP, Premium Conversion, etc)

- General statements of NARFE mission – include in most releases

- Member attendance at state and national functions

- Member participation on other organizations with related goals

- Chapter or chapter member participation in community support programs, like Habitat for Humanity, Make a Difference Day, Walks for, etc.

- Other

PR Tools:

- Releases

- When to generate a release

- Where to send one, and to whom

- Using a standard header and format

- Story ideas

- Review a variety of sources, including NARFE Magazine and flyers, to start building ideas.

- Work with local editors and specific reporters on possible ideas for feature articles or news stories.

- Let them know who can be contacted if they want to do a story on an issue that might have something to do with NARFE or the issues they cover.
- Work with other like-missioned organizations, such as AARP or Senior Services, to share story space.

- NARFE posters and flyers

- Keep supply of current materials on hand
- Have regular program for distribution and posting
- Personnel Offices
- Gathering locations in local federal agencies
- Senior Centers
- Other

- NARFE Magazine

- 10 Worst Mistakes or similar items from publications

- Use articles as basis of release

- Include in packets for recruiting CFE and non-member retirees

- Leave copies in Dentist and Doctors offices, barber shops, hospital waiting rooms, waiting areas in local government offices, like Social Security, etc. When you do, provide contact information on local NARFE Chapter with them, possibly on gummed labels.

- Chapter Speakers

- Develop speaking packages that chapter members can use. Outlines, scripts, audio-visual aids that can be tailored to the audience. Some of this is available from Speaking Out

- Solicit speaking opportunities – other organization meetings

- Have handouts available, keyed to your chapter or presenter

- Web Site

- Chapter and general information
- Link with WSFC, Region and National NARFE site

- Link, where possible, with local community web sites

- Include chapter web address in all releases, handouts, business cards, etc.

- Display Units - Tabletop and ZAP display

- Plan X number of days during a year. Actively seek out occasions to use it.

- Schedule the displays for chapter use

- Have supporting materials available to be handed out with display event

- If there are give-aways, have them available to hand out at display showings

- Have (trained) chapter members scheduled to participate.

- Have some talking points for people manning the display unit to use. Be consistent with messages

- Don't leave the units unmanned

- Have local chapter meeting information available for handout with the display units

- Advertising

- Be very selective in your use of paid advertising. There are many advertisers, media and handouts that are expensive and not very productive. Key your decisions to the messages you need to get out and the audiences you are trying to reach.

- 50% of Public Relations programs are available from WSFC.

- We might consider buying extra display units, perhaps one per district.

Build a schedule, using elements above. For example:

Period: Quarter: Month:

Chapter Meeting
Dates Actions Due
Individuals Responsible

- Chapter Members

- Non-Member retirees


- Meeting date & time

- Program highlights

- What is NARFE?

- Chapter newsletter

- Daily newspaper

- Weekly newspaper

- Senior news

- Local radio

- Public Access TV

- Web Site

PR Tools
- Release distributed to all

- Contact with selected reporter

- Invitations sent to selected individuals

Display Event
- Health Fair

- Pre-Retirement seminar

- Booth at community event

- Other

- Non-member retirees

- Community members in general

- CFE who may attend

- What is NARFE

- NARFE Services

- There is a NARFE chapter in the community

- When and where does the local chapter meet

- How to contact chapter


- Display table

- Chapter members manning the booth

- Posters in the area

- Handouts

- Possibly promotional "give-aways"/presentation items

- Use release to local media to let people know you are participating in the event

Outreach to CFEs Dates Actions Due
Individuals Responsible


- Employees at __ agency

- Personnel Offices

- Other


- What is NARFE?

- What services foes NARFE provide

- NARFE is for current and retired federal employees

- NARFE is only organization representing retiree interests


- Agency newsletter / newspaper

- Posters in the agency area promotiong NARFE and the event

- Have recent agency retirees pass word to CFE acquaintances

- Information for the personnel office to use

PR Tools
- NARFE magazine

- Handouts

- Posters

- Audio-visual materials, including video

- Display unit if available

- Chapter members with talking points

- Giveaways

- Other

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