Download WSFC DVP Training Presentation

  Training is both an initial and continuing requirement for District Vice Presidents.  Here is a Powerpoint presentation initially developed in 2012 and updated in 2016 by the Washington Federation Executive Board.

District Vice President Chapter Visit Checklist.  District Vice Presidents are encouraged to visit their assigned chapters at least twice a year to get an understanding of chapter activities and provide the chapters with assistance and support as needed.  The following checklist is designed to help structure and report those meetings.


Download DVP Chapter Visit Checklist

There are five District Vice Presidents in the Washington State Federation of Chapters. The District VP is one of the elected officers in the Federation, and has overall responsiblity for the health of the chapters assigned to the District and the alignment of their activities with the goals and objectives of NARFE and the Federation.
This page is designed to provide suggestions, resources and links that can assist the WSFC District VPs in the performance of their duties.

WSFC District Vice-Presidents (2018-2020)

District I VP    Christine Price                   
District II VP      John Wells                  
District III VP   George (Sam) Sevier          
District IV VP Bea Bull 
District V VP  Mary Binder             


District I includes Chapters 32, 237, and 1247

District II includes Chapters 43, 193, 196,1404, 1701, and 1966

District III includes Chapters 131, 236, 1070

District IV includes Chapters 1881, 881, 888, and 1006

District V includes Chapters 238, 239, 856, and 1192

A draft version of Federation Handbook for District Vice Presidents, in .pdf format, is posted below.
Use this a a starting point for discussions.

Download District VP draft handbook