Next Scheduled WSFC Executive Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
 Tacoma La Quinta In and Resort,
1425 E 27th St, Tacoma, WA 98421 
Tacoma, Wa 
The meeting time 9AM - 4PM

Earlier issues of the minutes are maintained in the WSF Exec Board Archives

The WSFC Executive Board consists of the four officers, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, along with the five District Vice-Presidents who meet quarterly and carry on informal spoken  and written conversations regarding Federation business throughout the year. Minutes and other records are maintained for meetings and correspondence or discussions of Federation business. The officers are elected at the National Convention and serve for two years.

Office Name
President                 Nancy C. Crosby (1192)
Vice President Mary Binder (1192)
Secretary Ida M. Sevier (236)
Treasurer                 Anne B. Kush  (1404)

District I VP  Christine Price (856) 
District II VP John Wells
District III VP George (Sam) Sevier
District IV VP Bea Bull
District V VP Mary Binder (1192)
Immed Past Pres. Richard Wilson
Region IX VP Richard Wilson
Editor-Federation Reporter Mary Binder (1192)
Finance & Pre-Retirement Michael S. Ferri (193)
Nat’l Legislative  Chair Steven Roy
State Legislative John Thurber (163)
Membership Chair Vacant
Public Relations Sam Cagle (236)
Service Officer Charles Caughlan (131)
NARFE Net Linda Wallers
Active Employees Vacant
Alzheimer’s              Lorraine Bennett (1192)
NARFE PAC Sam Cagle (236)
Training Chair          Arlene Patton  and
                                 Kathy Brooks
2020 Convention  Vacant

2020 Nominating  Committee  
Kathy Brooks - District I  
Elaine Ferri - District II   
Linda Wallers - District III  
Bill Powers - District IV  
Chris Slocum - District V  
SHIBA Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors