Displays and Exhibits

   It can be helpful to have a handout of direct interest to the health fair participant, which does not necessarily have NARFE as the major topic.
   One such handout has been developed and used over the past few years at many WSFC Health Fairs. Known as "Important Questions for Open Season", it draws on materials updated annually by the NARFE Retirement Benefits and Service Department and published in the October and November editions of the NARFE Magazine.  It has been published as a single sheet, two page "Word" document. At the bottom of the second sheet, it includes the NARFE mission statement and local contact information for the chapters supporting the health fair. A sample of the 2011 version will soon be available to be downloaded below and modified as required.

During the 2010 Open Season, NARFE also produced two other handouts that could be downloaded and printed.  One compared the rates for the major different plans and the other addressed a FERS issue.  While both only applied to 2010, it can be expected that similar handouts will be produced in the future.