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Your Federation Service Officer is Charlie Caughlan, Vancouver, 360-693-0435,

Most NARFE Chapters have a Service Officer, some have a Service Center at an outside location or a member's home. This individual answers questions and provides contact with resources to meet member requests.

Charles Coughlan, Service Officer for the Vancouver Chapter, has provided this checklist and possible links for Service related inquiries:

A NARFE Service Officer assists chapter/Federation members by providing information, answering questions and offering guidance in navigating issues relating to federal pay and benefits, (Service Officer Guide, FH-10, is available from National Headquarters), such as:

  1. Procedures governing delivery of annuity checks;
  2. Life insurance and health benefits;
  3. Survivor benefits;
  4. Change-of-beneficiary procedures;
  5. Death benefits;
  6. State and federal income taxes; and
  7. Social Security requirements.

He or She assists members to prepare documents associated with the above topics. (Provide the F-100, Be Prepared for Life’s Events, to assist members in managing their affairs); and keeps up to date by reading benefits-related articles in narfe magazine and NARFE Insider.

NARFE’s Federal Benefits Service Department is available to provide support to federation and chapter service officers, as well as service offices located within an installation, municipal center, federal building or private facility. Both service officers and service centers provide active and retired federal employees with information to assist with issues relating to: death benefits, Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) retirement benefits, Medicare, Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI), Federal Employees Health NARFE Chapter and Federation Officers Manual 19 Benefits Program (FEHBP) and other matters important to annuitants and survivors. All contacts are treated confidentially. (Note: Volunteers at service centers are not authorized to provide pre-retirement counseling, financial or legal advice to current employees or their dependents.) The Federal Benefits Service Department keeps a current list of active service centers and should be contacted whenever a service center is opened, closed or has moved to a new location. Contact the department at 703-838-7760 or email

Download Vancouver Service Officer Talk