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Your WSFC Secretary is Ida Sevier, 360-432-9201,

WSFC Secretary (2016-2018) - Ida Sevier; 360-432-9201;

WSFC Secretary’s Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Records minutes of all proceedings and maintains records of the federation executive board and conventions;
  • Maintains federation executive board records and documents;
  • Provides National Headquarters with an up-to-date form F-7A, Federation Officer Roster, whenever changes occur; and
  • Completes form F-22, Federation Convention Report, immediately after a federation convention and promptly sends, with appropriate attachments, to National Headquarters.

WSFC Directory of Officers and Chapters

To obtain your copy of the WSFC 2016 Directory of Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs, dated July 2016, e-mail Federation Secretary Ida Sevierat (emil address).

The By-Laws of the National Active and Retired Federal Employee's Association were changed, by vote of the membership, at the 2016 National Convention in Reno, Nevada. Because of these changes, the WSFC "child" documents will be amended to conform to the National By-laws over the current year. Watch this space for the updated documents. The historical versions will remain until the new documents are approved.

Washington State Federation of Chapters By-Laws

Download WSFC Bylaws with Cover Sheet - May 18, 2010

Download WSFC Standing Rules, approved November 17, 2010

WSFC Convention Forms - 2011