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President (2016-2018)           Nancy C. Crosby (1192)




Federation President Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Acts as the chief executive and director of federation activities and programs that promote the mission of NARFE;
  • Presides at federation conventions and meetings of the federation executive board;
  • Appoints officers and committee chairs who (though they are not required by the constitution or bylaws) carry out the functions of the federation;
  • Assigns ZIP codes for each chapter in the federation, using form F-46;
  • Signs all checks drawn on federation funds, subject to the restrictions set by the executive board or federation bylaws;
  • Ensures that all actions by the respective federation are carried out and all information and updates are forwarded to all chapters;
  • Ensures that all federation reports are promptly completed and forwarded to National Headquarters and the respective regional vice presidents; and
  • In collaboration with the Treasurer, ensures the IRS 990N Form (ePostcard) is filed on the IRS website annually.
  • Ensures that all required federation reports and information pertaining to the management of a federation, particularly form F-7A, Federation Officer Roster, are forwarded to National Headquarters.