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Your  WSFC Treasurer is Anne B. Kush, 253.859.3004,
27810 49th Ave , Auburn, WA 98001

Monthly Items:
  • Review NARFE reports:  A-220, W-101, and M-10 for monthly dues amounts
  • Review Bank Statements for deposits from dues to verify correct amount deposited.
  • Reconcile Bank Statement with checking account and deposits.
  • Prepare monthly financial report for Chapter and Board Meetings
  • Review amounts shown on A-220 reports for multiyear members and adjust your dedicated funds for these advance payments.  Remove the advance payment funds from dedicated funds for multiyear members at their anniversary date.  (Tabular data sheet by year and month of deposit is the best way to track these amounts.)

Annual Items:

  •   Per Capita Tax will be billed annually, based on theDecember 31st M-110 report - "Chapter Voting Member".  Chapters can choose to make one annual payment or pay the annual Per Capita Tax in two (2) equal payments.  The first payment is due on or before April 1st, the second or remaining balance due on or before October 1st.
  • Prepare year-end financial report for the fiscal year.
  • Prepare IRS report,usually an electronic postcard, Form 990-N.  Note: If you use calendar year as your fiscal year, this report is due on the 15th of May, each year.
  • If your Chapter takes the NARFE liability insurance and no notice has been received, contact your Chapter President for the form usually sent to the President by mid-April each year.  It must be paid prior to June 1st each year.
  • Request that an audit committee be designated and establish a date for the audit.  Make all monthly reports, bank statements, payment vouchers, deposit records, and checkbook ledger available.  Audit should cover the fiscal year, 12 month period and cover all accounts managed by the Treasurer.
  • If incorporated in Washington State, prepare yearly agent filing form prior to the anniversary date of your incorporation.  (Form is available on line for electronic filing with the Washington State Secretary of State Corporation Division).

General Guidance:

  • All operating accounts must be deposited in a Federal Insured Bank (FDIC) or credit union.
  • Reconciled bank statements for any period within the current tenure should be made avilable to the executive board, at their report.
  • Accounts for other funds, such as Alzheimer's and NARFE-PAC, must be kept separate from your operating accounts.
  • Reconciled bank statements for any period within the current tenure should be made available to the executive board, at their report.
  • Your checking and savings accounts must have an alternate signature authority for access to the accounts, usually the Chapter President.
  • Develop a time line form by month for your alternate/replacement of new incoming treasurer.
  • All financial files must be retained for at least three (3) years.


NARFE Form 1-131, Checklist for the Audit of NARFE Chapter Funds, can be ordered or downloaded from the web site.