The Washington State Federation of Chapters staff and others have prepared a number of PowerPoint presentations that you can download and use for speaking to groups, for training NARFE members on specific areas, or as information that you can use to increase your understanding of issues and processes. 


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Federation Presidents
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"Mining for Prospects" - A comprehensive look at the NARFE recruiting process

NARFE PRS Recruiting Slides - October 2016

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  How does your chapter go about recruiting leadership?  Initiating something at the last minute?  Going back to those who have always held the postions?  Strong arming those who have attended one or two meetings?  This PowerPoint presentation lays out a coherent and continuous approach to recruiting, training and mentoring leadership and committee members. 

Download "Recruiting Chapter Leadership"

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  Two presentations "Leadership 101 - Chapter Officers" and Leadership 101 - Other Chapter Leaders" cover the job descriptions and resources available to each of the elected officers and leaders/members of the different committees typically available in a chapter.
  They can be used in a group setting, or by an individual sitting at their computer.  The individual descriptions can be broken out separately, although there is value in knowing how all of the positions work...and work together.
  The presentations consolidate a number of publications and other materials produced by NARFE headquarters.  These presentations are available in PowerPoint and can be downloaded and used as shown.  Each slide has a "Notes" page with a suggested script that can be used by a presenter or an individual.  The Notes pages or handout pages can also be printed as required.

Download "Leadership 101 - Chapter Officers"

Download "Leadership 101 - Other Chapter Leadership"