Protect America’s Heartbeat (PAH): Changes Ahead in 2017

In an effort to make advocacy easier for NARFE members in the face of an uncertain 115th Congress and new administration, NARFE is making improvements to its grassroots program starting in January. Now is the time to advance our advocacy efforts to rise to the challenges federal workers and retirees will face next year.

Starting in 2017, “Protect America’s Heartbeat” no longer will be the name of NARFE’s grassroots program. PAH has served NARFE well over the years, but the term itself has continued to cause confusion among NARFE members.

The upcoming changes will create a more effective system for NARFE members to learn about current legislative issues, take action when necessary, report on their district/state initiatives and collaborate with fellow NARFE members from across the country. Please be on the lookout for the changes, and be ready to join in as NARFE grassroots advocates.

This campaign is being revised and may be renamed during 2017. Watch for more news on what is happening to America's Heartbet campaign. To access the current Protect America's Heartbeat toolkit, sign in to the www.NARFE.ORG web site as a member, click the Legislative section.  On the left side of that page, under "Legistlative Publications", click "PAH Toolkit". 

Download Petition for Senator Cantwell

Protect America's Heartbeat Toolkit

The Campaign calls for a variety of actions at the local level, and to support them, provides a "Toolkit" with suggestions and sample resources that can be used by the Federation and Chapters.  

Download "Protect America's Heartbeat" Poster


How many Federal Employees and Retirees are in Washington State?  Where are they located by Congressional District?  Where are the NARFE Chapters that support them?  Where are the major Federal Agencies located in Washington cities and towns?

Download "Where are Washington Federal Employees by Congressional District with Employee and Retiree Counts.pdf"

Federal Employee Washington and National "Factoids"

   When you are supporting the Protect America's Heartbeat  campaign, you needs information to pass on.  Here are some "Factoids" about Federal Employees and Retirees nationally and in Washington state:

Download "Factoids"

"Bill Tracker"

   Federal News Radio offers a"Bill Tracker" notice,updated regularly, that monitors bills introduced in the House and Senate that either impact or support Federal Employees and Retirees.  This service is available at the link below: