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National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

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The next meeting of the WSFC Board is on January 30th
at the Tacoma La Quinta Inn and Suites
1425 East 27th St, 
Tacoma, WA 98421-2200

2018 WSFC Conference - May 14-16 - Spokane Mirabeau Park Hotel

Your Service is appreciated!

Run for office in the Washington State Federation of Chapters.
New officers will be elected at the 2018 Conference in Spokane.

2018 WSFC Conference Information

Everything You want to know about the FY2018 FEHB Open Season and Health Fairs!

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Fall 2017 Federation Reporter

From the NARFE INSIDER, Volume 5/Number 4 for October 2017

As NARFE approaches its 100th year in 2021, efforts are already underway to ensure that the association enters its second century strong, relevant and best able to deliver value to the federal community. We will examine our current way of doing business, develop new products and services and firmly establish the association as the go-to resource for our members, the federal community, policy makers, the media and the public. We call this important initiative NARFE Next.

Excellence in service to the federal community requires that NARFE move from a complex organization with a cumbersome business structure to an organization that is focused on best utilizing our resources to provide what’s most important – the products, services and programs federal employees and retirees need.  Here at headquarters, working with a diverse cross-section of both members and prospective members, we have launched the NARFE Next initiative with a three-part project scheduled for completion in September 2018. 

• Discovery – assessment of our business model, or how we do business, as well as engagement with members and prospective members to understand the most significant challenges they face and needs they are trying to meet.

• Development and Testing – based on our discovery, new products, services and programs identified as being of significant value will be tested. Innovations to our business model to best deliver this value will be shared.

• Execution – working alongside small groups of NARFE members, the best new products, services and programs will be refined and offered to the federal community.

Changes resulting from this project will be implemented on an on-going basis, and the NARFE Next initiative will continue with the implementation of association best practices, NARFE-wide branding projects, chapter and federation development programs and more.

We are eager to hear any comments you may have as NARFE prepares to meet our second century fully equipped to deliver the value most needed by the federal community. You can share your thoughts by sending an email to NARFE2021@narfe.org.    By Barbara Sido, Executive Director


Congress.gov is a wonderful resource for information on what Congress is up to. You can
access the Congressional Record, in full, day-by-day; check to se just how many days Congress has been in session,
Check who and how your Senators and Representitives have voted on various bills.
Keep tabs on Congress - Somebody has to! 
Congress.gov is the place to be for information on what Congress is doing.  Be a frequent visitor.

Why Join NARFE?

When you join NARFE, you will be protecting your hard-earned pay and benefits, ensure you can get trusted guidance on complext pay and benefit questions, and support your colleagues in the federal community. 

Welcome to the Washington State Federation of Chapters (WSFC) web site. WSFC is part of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Association. This site serves as an avenue to distribute information and status of legislation affecting earned federal retirement and healthcare benefits. NARFE is dedicated to protecting the earned retirement benefits of current and former federal employees, their families and survivors.

Our Mission ...

The Washington State Federation of Chapters is a nonprofit organization which provides leadership in advocating the interest of current and former federal employees at federal and state levels, provides support and assistance to NARFE chapters throughout the state, and coordinates with strategic partners in accomplishing its work. The Federation is led by a board of directors composed of elected officers and appointed members.

Further questions on the roles and functions of the Washington State Federation of Chapters are answered in the PowerPoint presentation below:

Download WSFC Presentation