There are many aspects and approaches to Public Relations: presentations, displays, media contact, knowing facts and audience, news releases, letters to editors, working with reporters, proposing story ideas, etc. Tips for these and more are given in the following links.

Start by reviewing the PowerPoint presentation, then work through the remaining links.

PowerPoint Slide Presentations:

NARFE Federation and Chapter Public Relations - "Making It Work"

Public Relations Internal Links:

Building PR Plans

Chapter PR Support Request Procedure

Coalition Organizations


Displays and Exhibits

Public Relations Matching Funds

Media Links

Links to Government and related news sites

Public Relations Plans and Policy

Public Relations Personnel

Public Relations Tools - Story Ideas


Speaking Programs

Public Relations Input for the Nov 17 – Jan 18

It is going to be a tough time for Federal Employees and Retirees because of the ongoing actions in Congress and the Administration.  Help get the word out about the threats, and the resources NARFE provides to help counter them.  Discuss them at chapter meetings, write and submit letters to the editor, and include them in your contacts

  Here are some of the tools to consider:

-        Make use of the NARFE fact sheets and white papers for information

-        Make use of the Webinar materials.  Post or hand out their flyers in local agencies and at locations frequented by current employees and retirees.  Flyers are available upon request from NARFE.

-        To keep your comments fresh, consider reviewing the news articles carried on the opening page of the NARFE web site, in the section titled “NARFE in the News”.  They carry statements by NARFE leadership and staff on the various issues.  Also make use of the “Latest NARFE News”, on the same page.

-        In short, use the tools that are currently available to you on the NARFE Website.  They have done an excellent job of bringing resources to your fingertips.