Funding is available from HQ, NARFE and, to a lesser extent, from the WSFC Public Relations account.  In each case, the funds will match up to 50 % of the cost of a proposed advertising or recruiting project.
  The criteria for the two sources are similar, requiring a detailed statement of the type of advertising or recruiting support desired (not including "free" memberships); making the request to and through the WSFC PR Chair and Federation President; and providing a timely after-action report on what was done with the funding.
  The new (January 2012) national guidance on Matching Funds Requests is available at the link below.

NARFE Guidelines for Matching Funds - January 2012

The Washington State Federation of Chapters policy is available on the following page of this site - "Procedure for Chapters to request support for Public Relations Activities"

Download "Chapter Support Request Procedure"