The Washington State Federation of Chapters (WSFC) officer positions open for nominationand election at the May 2018 WSFC Conference are:



 To facilitate preparing a slate of officer candidates for election at the May conference, all current officers and potential

nominees eligible and wanting to run for one of the elected officer positions must submit the

WSFC Executive Officer Nominee Application Form for the 2018 Conference. 

Applications must be received by February 26, 2018. Mail or email applications to:


Elizabeth Bowers, Chairman

WSFC Nominating Committee

639 Cullum Ave, Unit 2236

Richland, WA 99352



The 2018 WSFC Conference Nominating Committee will complete a vetting process for all applicants to ensure

qualifications for the position. A slate of candidates and their qualifications will be provided to each WSFC member on the federation website along with a ballot and voting instructions 60 days prior to the conference to enable members to evaluate the candidates and cast their vote.


WSFC 2018 Nominating Committee:


Elizabeth Bowers (1192), Chairman 509-375-0293

Brady Green (196) 360-738-6496

Linda Wallers (131) 360-606-9178

Ann Eads (181) 360-698-6078

Francis Titus (239) (Alternate) 509-782-2950


Thank you for your assistance in keeping us an active organization.


Elizabeth (Liz) Bowers