NARFE ZAP Display Setup, Packing and Shipping




- The ZAP Display will come to you in a black plastic shipping case.

- When you receive it, notify Sam Cagle at (360)456-8509, or caglels@comcast.

- In the storage case, you will find the display unit with one large and one small pocket.  The display itself and an extending pole will be in the large pocket, while the halogen lamp will be in the small one.




- Take the display unit and pole out of the large pocket.  The display is shaped like a large pull-up screen in tubular metal shell. 


- On the flat side of the shell is a metal foot that should be rotated 90 degrees, with the small end toward the front of the display.  There is a black plastic guard that might block the rotation.  If so, slightly lift the short end of the foot over the guard.


- Screw the threaded end of the extension pole into the hole in the back leg.  Loosen the two plastic locks on the pole so they will slide freely.


- Pull the screen up from it’s case.  On the top of the screen is a metal bar with a hole in the center.  Place the small end of the extension pole in that hole.   The whole unit should be standing up about three feet high.


- Take the halogen light out of the small pocket.  Although there is a threaded pin on the base of the light bar, it is not to be used.  Instead, there is a small tongue-in-groove shape that runs the length of the base.  On the top bar of the screen is a plastic cap with a blue dot.  That can be pulled out about a half inch and the tongue on the base can be started into a matching groove on the screen bar.  Move the light base to the center of the screen bar.  Unless it is quite close to an electrical outlet, it is likely that an extension cord will be required.  Turn the light on.


- Extend the first part of the pole as far as it will go, then close the plastic lock.  Then extend the second part of the pole as far as it will go.  The display setup should be complete.




- When taking the display unit down, unlock the second portion of the pole and bring it down.


- Turn off the light and detach the lamp from the screen bar.  Let the light cool before you handle it further.


- Disconnect the screen bar from the top of the pole and guide it back into its holder.


- Unscrew the pole from the base and collapse it further.  Close both plastic locks.


- Turn the “foot” back so it is parallel with the screen holder.

- Place the screen holder and pole in the large pocket of the fabric case.


- Fold up the cord for the light and wrap it with a rubber band.  Fold the head of the lamp back till it touches the neck of the light.  Put the lamp base in first, followed by the folded cord and the light. 


- Zip up the fabric bag and place it in the shipping container. Fasten the black straps on the container.


- Lay this instruction sheet on top of the fabric bag.




- Remove all previous shipping labels and tape.  Use nylon strapping tape near both ends of the shipping case to close the case.  If you do not, you will be charged extra. 


- You should have instructions on where to ship or deliver it next, with a point of contact.  If not, contact Sam Cagle at the above address and phone number for further instructions.  Typical shipping costs are in the $15 to $20 range.


-  Under federation policy, the federation will pay for the display unit being shipped to you, but the chapter is responsible for paying for the return or the shipment to another chapter. 


- You can use the post office, UPS or Fedex as you choose, but the delivery method should be able to get the unit to the next user at least two days before their scheduled use.  This information will be provided as part of the instructions. 


- The shipping case dimensions are 43” long, 10” high and 10” wide (13” inches if the wheels are counted.)  Its weight is 24 pounds.


- You will need to provide the shipper with a return address, the mailing address and possibly the phone number of the recipient.  This information will be provided to you in your instructions…and may also be included in the shipping case.


- If you choose to insure it, its value is $800.


- Please let Sam Cagle know when the unit has been picked up or delivery has started.




- This display unit cost NARFE $800.  So we can be sure it is a worthwhile investment, please provide Sam Cagle with the following information:  (If you wish, you can include it in the shipping case.)

   - Event where the display was used – date and location.

   - Chapter or other group using the display

   - Who made use of the display or “worked the booth”

   - Approximately how many people attended the event?  Were they primarily Current Federal Employees, Retirees, Annuitants or the general public?

   - Did you give out NARFE literature?

   - Did you make a NARFE presentation?

   - Did you obtain any names?       If so, how many?

   - Did you receive any completed applications?      How many?

   - Any additional comments?