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Washington State Federation of Chapters

Public Relations   

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Olympia, WA 98513

May 29 , 2013

Dear Chapter President and Public Relations Chair,

 For chapter public relations to be effective, they need to be planned and reviewed in light of the chapter’s goals, objectives, resources and audiences.  They can involve a wide range of activities, including community/community service events, speeches and presentations, displays and exhibits, news articles and releases, and advertising.  


  Many of these approaches can be performed at no cost, others may require funding.  Some limited WSFC public relations matching funds are available, while other matching funds may be provided by NARFE.


  In accordance with the “WSFC Procedure for Chapters to request Financial Support for Public Relations Activities” (WSFC Policy/Procedure Manual), you are asked to prepare and provide me a written copy of your initial chapter public relations plans and funding requests by June 30 for the period of July 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013.    As some 2013 funds are still available, you can send me supplemental requests for those funds until October 1.


  Enclosed are several forms for you to use.  The “WSFC Public Relations Action Plan” is the basic format for you to use to submit the annual plan.  There are several “Request for Matching Public Relations Funding” worksheets that should accompany the plan.  These include “Advertising in Commercial or Specialty Newspaper or Publication”, “Special Event Support” and “Chapter News Releases”.   You can use the same forms for current year supplemental requests.   Simply modify the dates on the heading of the plan.


You can mail, or e-mail the completed forms to me.  If you have questions, you can contact me at (360)456-8509, or by e-mail at


 Additional copies of the form, along with more resources concerning public relations planning are available on the WSFC web site.  Go to, click on Public Relations, then “Public Relations Plans and Policy”


Sam Cagle

WSFC Public Relations Chair